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Tara Goes Stargazing

Book #1 of the Thrills n Trails series

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” – Mahatma Gandhi


The year is 2014. A raging pandemic has brought life to a stand-still across the world. Young Tara, a non-speaking autistic girl who has always been written off by society, experiences the lowest point in her life. She feels isolated and trapped in a virtual world, emotionally isolated from her few friends and her parents.

On an impulse, she rebels against the ‘new normal’ and leaves her home for a short sojourn. But that decision turns out to be a huge mistake…Tara gets separated from her family. She finds herself lost in a strange, different world – and thrown into battle with a dangerous monster.


Will Tara be able to overcome her own fears and anxieties? Will she find the resources within herself to defeat the monster? And will she ever be reunited with her family?

If you loved how Harry Potter took on the immensely more powerful Lord Voldemort, you will also root for feisty Tara.  Join Tara in this coming-of-age adventure story…

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