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Renuka Tandon

Author. Entrepreneur. Nature Lover.

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About the author

Renuka Tandon was born and brought up in Mumbai, India. She was always curious and fascinated by the world around her. After completing her post graduation, she worked in the Research and Development function of a multinational company in India.

The birth of her second child changed the course of her life. Her child was born with a number of physiological conditions, and was later on diagnosed with Autism. Renuka firmly believes that the experience of having this child in her life has led her down a path of self-discovery and growth.

Renuka runs an organization called Thrills n Trails for special needs individuals and their families in India. Through her organization, she offers Leisure and Recreational activities, apart from working towards skill building and employment generation for special needs individuals.

She hopes to create a society that is more accepting of these people through advocacy and disseminating information on this issue. She found a fun way of doing this through her book ‘Tara goes Stargazing’, the first in the Thrills n Trails series.

Apart from writing, gardening, and travelling, she loves reading. She often says that as a kid, she used to travel to distant lands through her books. She still travels through her books - only now, she travels inwards!

Renuka lives with her family in Bangalore, India.

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From the author's desk

"One cannot consent to creep when one feels an impulse  to soar" - Helen Keller

I must have been a very young schoolgirl when I read these words. They have stayed with me throughout my life. In my good times they were the wind beneath my wings, urging me to soar onwards and upwards. And in the bad, they were like the proverbial beacon at the end of a long dark tunnel.

As the years passed, I have seen many ups and downs in life. And though I started off as a carefree soul, I have learnt that sometimes life throws you these oddballs, which you have to juggle alongside holding on tightly to your dreams. Not easy, but definitely  possible...all you have to do is remember Helen Keller's words quoted above! 

While pushing towards your dreams, you also gotta remember that life is all about balance. It's about finding that sweet spot between striving and resting. Balance doing the things you have to do with the things you want to do! 

Wishing you pure unadulterated joy and peace!

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