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Renuka Tandon

Author, Entrepreneur, Nature lover.

Renuka Tandon is on a mission to raise the happiness quotient of persons with disabilities through leisure and recreational activities and has found a fun way of generating awareness on the issue through her writing.

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About Renuka Tandon

Renuka has always been a storyteller, and as a kid she used to regale her siblings with stories made up on the spur of the moment. She especially enjoyed spooking them out with 'cooked up' horror stories in the middle of the night - earning her the sobriquet of "The Story Chef".

An avid reader with a preference for fiction, she revels in the immersive experience of a good book. She also enjoys writing and travelling to mysterious places (the more mysterious, the better!).

In her idyllic moments, she loves gazing up at the clouds and letting their shapes conjure up stories in her mind! Or doodling and drawing zentangles.

Apart from her fun-loving side, she is passionate about human rights and environmental issues.

Renuka lives in Bangalore with her family. Her own experience with her autistic daughter has led her on a life-altering journey into the world of the persons with disabilities. She wants to make a difference in their lives through various leisure and lifestyle events and vocation building initiatives.

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Notebook and Pen

"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale"

Hans Christian Andersen

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Recently Published Work

"Tara Goes Stargazing"

(Released on November 18, 2021)

Renuka Tandon is extremely proud and excited to share her very first fictional novel for teens and young adults.

This warm, coming-of-age story about a young autistic girl named Tara, is loosely based on her own experiences with a child with special needs. Journeying with her child has taught her that difficult roads indeed lead to beautiful destinations!

Join Tara on the adventure of a lifetime, as she discovers that "strength does not come from physical comes from an indomitable will" (quote courtesy Mahatma Gandhi).

Whether you are a parent who would like to see your child inculcate a spirit of perseverance against all odds, or a young person who is looking for an adventurous escape in your imagination, Tara Goes Stargazing is just the book for you!

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Services Offered

Leisure and recreational activities, both indoors (online and offline) and outdoors for special needs individuals and their families.

Sitting by Campfire

Indoor Activities

Online mini courses and workshops for art and craft, photography, home gardening, yoga, culinary skills and much more.

Outdoor Activities

Camps, Nature treks, Family picnics, Visits to historical sites, Stargazing activities, Group based social impact activities etc.

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Get in touch to follow Renuka Tandon's literary adventures, or to learn more about the services she offers.

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